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Health Guide for Congenital Heart Disease


Favorite kettlebell exercises

Posted by on 12/7/20 in General Knowledge

The kettle bell brings on debate

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Quick challenge workout

Posted by on 12/2/20 in Exercise

Go at your pace!

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Beet "poke" bowl

Beet “Poke” Bowl with Edamame, Snap peas and Carrots and Sesame Mayo. Yum!

Posted by on 10/26/20 in General Knowledge, Recipes

Beets are good for your heart and blood vessels

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One of my favorites….

Posted by on 10/9/20 in Exercise

“What’s your favorite exercise?”

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Posted by on 10/9/20 in Exercise

Before working out a warm up is so important. It gets your heart pumping gradually, which increases blood flow to the muscles so they can work. It increases joint lubrication so joints can move more easily and safely. It primes the nervous system. Most warm ups start with a general warm-up like walk or a […]

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Strength and Cardio together!

Posted by on 9/8/20 in Exercise

Here is a great workout! You’ll need some dumbbells, and a treadmill (or just an open space to run/walk). Warm up, work hard and then cool down after! Ladder workouts are the best!

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Posture help!

Posted by on 7/1/20 in Exercise

Fix that posture!

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bowl of chili

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili with Avocado

Posted by on 6/30/20 in Recipes

So delicious!

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At home body weight workout

Posted by on 6/21/20 in Exercise, General Knowledge

Get a great workout from home!

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Empowering you or your child

Posted by on 6/16/20 in General Knowledge, How To

“How big will the scar be?”

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