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Favorite kettlebell exercises

Posted by on 12/7/20 in General Knowledge

Teaching at Keiser University in the Health and Human Performance program puts me in front of many students with diverse gym experiences, ranging from Jazzercise instructors to power lifters. Each one has their favorite form of resistance exercise. The kettle bell, however, always brings on debate; some hate it, some love it. I love it! I like that it is different from a dumbbell. I like the diversity of activities it affords. The space between the weight and your hand makes the resistance seem either lighter or heavier depending on the exercise. I have included a video of some of my favorite kettle bell exercises. Mix them in with your workout or create a workout of just these exercises. It really does not matter which type of resistance you use. Pick what you love and do it!

5 thoughts on “Favorite kettlebell exercises

  1. These were all really great exercises! I bet you were really hurting the next day after all of that. My favorite exercise from this video was the upright row to press, I definitely need to do those more often.

    1. Hi Rico,
      I was probably a little sore. Remember that a little sore is ok, but pain is not the goal. When dealing with clients, remember the self-efficacy theory and be sure to educate them on what they should be feeling to ease any anxiety. 🙂

  2. I use to be one of the KB haters, but now that I am into bodybuilding it is a good form of putting cardio and weightlifting together. Any kind of swings and lowerbody work to press are my go to’s when it comes to kettlebells. I do still prefer a dumbbell when it comes to things like arm curls.

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