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Favorite kettlebell exercises

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Ever wonder what to do with a kettlebell? It is one of my favorite pieces to train with. Here are a few options for exercises to try. Choose them all, to get in a full workout, or try to add one or two to your routine. What is your favorite kettlebell exercise? Please post in the comments below.

How to…

These exercises can be combined to make a full-body workout. Set your timer for 20-45 seconds depending on your fitness level and do 2-5 rounds, depending on how much time you have. Let me know what you think!

1. 0:01 Seconds, One arm kettlebell swing with a lateral walk. Always start with the kettlebell on the ground. Grip the handle firmly, with your hips hinged, back flat, abs in, and knees slightly bent. Hike the kettlebell back like a football first. Then pushing the hips forward to come to a standing position, swing the kettlebell out in front. It is important to remember, you are not lifting the kettlebell. You are only holding on tightly. The straightening up of the hips pushes the kettlebell forward. As you extend the hips, take a step to the side. You can move laterally for as much space as you have. This exercise works your core, your shoulders, coordination, and heart!

2. 0:11 Seconds. Russian Twists, my personal favorite. Start sitting on the ground with knees bent, kettlebell resting to one side. Lean back until you feel your abs engage. Grip the kettlebell with both hands. As you move the kettlebell over your abdomen to touch the ground on the other side of your body, follow the kettlebell with your eyes. To make the exercise easier, keep both feet on the ground. To challenge yourself, lift both feet off the ground.

3. 0:17 Seconds Goblet Squat. Start with your feet a comfortable distance apart. “Lock” your feet into the ground so your hips are engaged and weight is even in your feet. Pull the kettlebell up, holding by the horns. Squat down as low as you are comfortable going while keeping your back starlight, and chest lifted. Drive your weight through your heels so the hips do the work and not the knees. This exercise works your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It also required work from your biceps, shoulders, and back.

4. 0:35 Modified High Pull to Press Grip the kettlebell, palm facing your body. Do a mini squat to get momentum to help you pull the kettlebell. Lead with the elbow so the pal stays facing your body. When you get to the top of the pull, Flip your elbow down, rotating at the shoulder to “rack” the kettlebell. Your palm will be facing forward. Push the kettlebell over the head. Lower the kettlebell down to the rack position, rotate the shoulder bring the elbow up, and let the kettlebell down. Do all of your reps on one side, before changing to the other side. This works your shoulders, biceps, and triceps

5 thoughts on “Favorite kettlebell exercises

  1. These were all really great exercises! I bet you were really hurting the next day after all of that. My favorite exercise from this video was the upright row to press, I definitely need to do those more often.

    1. Hi Rico,
      I was probably a little sore. Remember that a little sore is ok, but pain is not the goal. When dealing with clients, remember the self-efficacy theory and be sure to educate them on what they should be feeling to ease any anxiety. 🙂

  2. I use to be one of the KB haters, but now that I am into bodybuilding it is a good form of putting cardio and weightlifting together. Any kind of swings and lowerbody work to press are my go to’s when it comes to kettlebells. I do still prefer a dumbbell when it comes to things like arm curls.

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