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Health Guide for Congenital Heart Disease

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10 Tips for Aging Empowered

1. Intentional Be intentional about what you want to eat and when / how you want to move. 2. Mindful Notice how you are feeling when you are eating and moving. 3. Lift Add or increase resistance training. 4. Train for Power. Power is independence. 5. Think Movement alleviates symptoms of brain fog. 6. Fun […]

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Nutrition Timing Worksheet

This document put out by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association can help you with your nutrition to support your exercise

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Wellness Journal

Track your progress using this journal so yo know what is working for you and what is not.

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Getting the exercise recommendation that is right for your defect.

An activity recommendation specific for you not just your defect!

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Updated Guidelines for Managing Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

These guidelines make me really excited!

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