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Women’s Wellness: Your Guide to Navigating Menopause.

Posted by on 4/10/23 in General Knowledge

have put together a workbook that targets some of the most common menopause symptoms and gives you tips to manage them

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This One is for the Ladies

Posted by on 12/22/22 in General Knowledge

Having Trouble Losing Weight?

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10 Tips to Optimal Wellness

Posted by on 8/9/22 in General Knowledge

What are you saying “yes” to when you should be saying “no”? 

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Less than 5% of Adults are in Proper Care for Their CHD

Posted by on 4/11/22 in General Knowledge

…And now I know why. Let’s be real, shall we? It is not because we were told we were fixed. It is not because we do not care. It is because of the Affordable Care Act. Our choice of providers has been taken from us by hospitals who can gobble up doctors whos own practice […]

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Wellness Journal

Posted by on 3/10/22 in General Knowledge

Track your progress using this journal so yo know what is working for you and what is not.

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Meet the Jijo Client of the Month

Posted by on 10/29/21 in General Knowledge

It pays to work out on Jijo

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World Heart Day!

Posted by on 9/29/21 in General Knowledge

What could you do that would benefit your heart and help others around the world with their hearts

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Are you stressed? Anxious? Try exercise!

Posted by on 3/13/21 in Exercise, General Knowledge

Exercise is beneficial for both stress and anxiety.

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What are you doing for Heart Month?

Posted by on 1/29/21 in General Knowledge

Many things that we can do for heart support our overall wellbeing.

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Getting the exercise recommendation that is right for your defect.

Posted by on 1/5/21 in Exercise, General Knowledge

An activity recommendation specific for you not just your defect!

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