Heart to Hartman

Health Guide for Congenital Heart Disease

General Knowledge

What are you doing for Heart Month?

Many things that we can do for heart support our overall wellbeing.

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Getting the exercise recommendation that is right for your defect.

An activity recommendation specific for you not just your defect!

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Giving and receiving love and support


Strive for balance and wellness will come. Happy 2021

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Heart to Hartman logo on a backpack, notebook, and stickers

Heart to Hartman Gear!

We have our store all set up and ready at Redbubble. Click on the link to receive 20.00 off your order while the offer lasts! Our shop is always open.

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Updated Guidelines for Managing Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

These guidelines make me really excited!

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Beet "poke" bowl

Beet “Poke” Bowl with Edamame, Snap peas and Carrots and Sesame Mayo. Yum!

Beets are good for your heart and blood vessels

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At home body weight workout

Get a great workout from home!

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Empowering you or your child

“How big will the scar be?”

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Black bean burgers

It will take some time so maybe chose to do this one on a weekend! Or now that we are all home, we have plenty of time!

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Finding your “community” through activity

The best place to find your fellow CHDers is at a Heart Walk. When I started the one in Jacksonville, FL in 2013, I had no idea the wonderful people it would bring into my life.

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