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Black bean burgers

While being at home and stocking up on dried and canned goods, we had quite a few black beans in the pantry. We decide this week to try to make black bean burgers. My family menu is a majority plant based. I only cook fish! My husband cannot eat meat on a regular basis so we need to get creative. My girls love to cook and find new recipes so here is a great one! We made some sriracha mayonnaise, cut up tomatoes, red onion and green leaf lettuce. It was really good! It will take some time so maybe chose to do this one on a weekend! Or now that we are all home, we have plenty of time!


2 thoughts on “Black bean burgers

  1. I made these black bean burgers the other night. They were really good! Three out of four here said they would like them again. 🙂 The hold out was the carnivorous son who thought I was trying to force vegetarianism on him. lol!

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Heart to Hartman

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