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World Heart Day!

Today is World Heart Day!  Hmmmm what could you do that would benefit your heart and help others around the world with their hearts?  Sign up for the first annual Hearts with Running Legs Anniversary 5k Run/Walk.  This walk is hosted by Estrellita de Belen and is a benefit for children in Venezuela who need life saving heart surgeries.

The walk/ run will be a fun event taking place in beautiful Jacksonville Beach Florida on November 6th starting at 09:00. The event is a result of the tireless work of the founder of Estrellita de Belen, a Venezuelan born women with a CHD.  Each year 2000 children in Venezuela die waiting for heart surgery.  Her mission is to help those children get the lifesaving surgeries they need, and all the funds raised at her events support that mission.

This walk will be a way for your benefit your own heart health in three ways.  One: the obvious, exercise is medicine.  Walking and running are forms of cardiovascular exercise that your heart, lungs and blood vessels crave no matter what your disease state. Two: being on the beach and with a community of likeminded people, improves stress levels, and stress damages your heart and blood vessels.  And three:  the walk provides a means for you to be altruistic.  Altruism also improves heart health.  Giving to others makes us feel good ourselves.

So, mark your calendars and get out walking to prepare for the event.  I cannot wait to see everyone there.  Heart to Hartman is sponsoring this great event and may even lead a warmup….

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    1. Hi Anee,
      Yes! If you go to the link in the blog post there is a way to donate. Also if you follow her on Instagram, #Youdon’thavetolooksick. She often has fun raffles and you can win great prizes!

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