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At home cardio and core workout

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Want to do some cardiovascular exercise but do not want to run or walk or ride a bike? Need some things you can do at home? I have created a workout for you! If you do not have a jump rope you do not have to buy one. Find any rope or cord or stretch […]

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Interventions and exercise or activity

…possibility of another intervention

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Do you need an exercise test?

What is exercise testing? What is the purpose? Why should you do it? .

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Exactly how is exercise good for you?

Cardiovascular exercise is any activity that increases your breathing and heart rate done for a period of time using large muscle groups to accomplish a goal.

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How You Can Help Your Child or Yourself Live a Healthy Life with a Heart Defect

Want your child to grow up health and happy? Of course you do! Otherwise you would not have invested so many sleepless nights in the hospital trying to secure a healthy future for him/her.

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