Heart to Hartman

Health Guide for Congenital Heart Disease


Posted on 10/9/20 in Exercise

Before working out a warm up is so important. It gets your heart pumping gradually, which increases blood flow to the muscles so they can work. It increases joint lubrication so joints can move more easily and safely. It primes the nervous system. Most warm ups start with a general warm-up like walk or a jog. Then usually some mobility work or specific movements to warm up the muscles and joints you plan to use. But sometimes people forget the stability part! There is no power without stability. There is no true mobility without stability. My favorite stability exercise is the bird dog. I adapted it from McGill’s Big 3. Dr. Stuart McGill is the back expert. I always start my work outs with this exercise. I do 6-10 reps per side and hold each one for 5-10 seconds.

Bird dog

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