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Exercising with Resistance Band #1

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Do you have a resistance band and are not sure what to do with it? Resistance bands are so great because the tension increases as you do the exercise. In addition, it is so easy to adjust the tension as you are exercising. They are light and portable to so you can take them where you go, use them in your home or office, or outside, even! They are cheap and come in many varieties.

Here is one workout you can try, but I will be creating others as the options are endless!

Some exercises to try with a resistance band!


This one-minute video will give you some ideas for exercises to do with your resistance band. I am using a band with handles, but you can also use a band without handles. I use a stability ball, but you can stand or use a chair. It just depends on where you anchor your band. Make sure to secure your band before attempting any exercises.

How to…

Complete 2-4 sets, 10-15 reps of each exercise. Do all the exercises first before starting your second set.

Exercise 1

Row with a neutral grip

This exercise works your rhomboids, traps, lats, and biceps

Start either sitting or standing. Secure your band. Grab both handles and start with some tension on the band; standing or sitting up straight and tall with your arms extended. Keep your palms facing your body and pull the handles straight back toward your rib cage pulling your shoulder blades together in the back. Return to the start position.

Exercise 2

Single leg squat with a one-arm row.

This exercise works your quads, glutes, and back. It also challenges your balance

Secure your band. Grab the band in your right hand and support your body weight on the leg, lifting the right leg off the ground. Drop into a single-leg squat on the left leg with your arm out straight. As you return to the standing position, pull the band back as far as you can, keeping your hand even with your rib cage, and make sure you are pulling the right shoulder blade toward your spine. Complete all your reps on one side before switching sides.

Exercise 3

Band Chest Press

This exercise works your chest, triceps, and core.

You can do this seated or standing. You do not need a stability ball Anchor your band securely. Grab the handles, palms facing down and your back to the anchor. Sit or stand up straight and tall., abs tight with tension on the band. Push the handles forward and together, so your hands meet n from of you at chest height. Control the handles as you return them to the start position. Your arms should stay even with your body.

Exercise 4

Alternating Chest Fly

This exercise works your chest and your core.

You can be seated or standing and do not need a stability ball. Starting the same way as the chest press, Turn your palms to face front and bring your arms out to the side, even with the plane of your body. There should be light tension in the band. Hold one arm in the start position and bring the other arm toward the midline of the body keeping the elbow slightly bent. Return the arm to the start position and repeat with the other side.

Exercise 5

Shoulder press

This exercise works your deltoids and triceps

Use a light band if you are holding on to both handles as seen in the video. If you have a tighter band, just stand on one end of the band and hold the other handle in your hand. If your band is light enough, `you can step in the middle of the band and hold both handles. Start by gripping the handles and palms facing forward, even with your shoulders. Press the handles up overhead, keeping your abs and glutes tight and your shoulder blades pulled down and not up toward your ears.

Exercise 6

Lateral Raise.

This exercise works your deltoids.

Step on the band so there is light tension as you grip the handle, standing straight up. Hinge forward slightly at the hips so your arm is slightly in front of your body. From this position, pull the band straight out to the side until it is shoulder height. Pause for a second and slowly return to the start. Complete all reps on one side before changing to the other side.

Exercise 7

Triceps Extension.

This exercise works the triceps

In the 1/2 kneeling position, you can challenge your core more but you can also do this exercise standing Start with one hand behind your back at the lumber spine and place your band in the hand. With the other hand, reach over the same side shoulder with the handle in your hand. The hand at your low back controls the tension on the band by grabbing the band either higher or lower. Push the handle straight up toward the ceiling keeping your elbow in close. Slowly return your hand to the start position. Complete all reps on one side before switching sides.


These are just a few things you can do with a band. Pick a few to add to your workout, or use these for a workout. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Please subscribe to my channel. and be on the look out for more resistance band workouts!

You can do hard things!

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