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Earth Day Workout!

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Earth Day!  Take it Outside.

Since April is Earth Month, let’s take our workouts outside and enjoy nature. This workout is a series of cardio intervals that also focus on legs, hips, core, and shoulders.

I like to warm up, then set my timer for 30-45 seconds for my work intervals and 20-30 seconds for the rest interval.  You can rest longer between rounds.  Do all the exercises one time before starting over again on the second round.  Try to get 2-3 rounds.  Two rounds will take you 12 minutes if you do a 30 sec work/ 30 sec rest interval. Be sure to go at your own pace.  Once you are done working out, be sure to stretch out and do some deep breathing to get you ready for the rest of your day.

Exercise 1 Mountain Climbers works the core, chest, and shoulders, along with your heart and lungs.

Set up Come to a high plank position, hands directly under your shoulders.  Quads, glutes and core are contracted and tight to hold you in position.  “Screw” your hands into the ground like you are opening up a jar.  This will set your shoulder blades against your rib cage which will protect your shoulder joint.

Move When the timer starts pull one knee toward your same side elbow and return it to the start position without letting the foot touch the ground.  Switch legs.  It is like your legs are running with your hands on the ground. If you get tired, hold the plank until the time is up, or move slower.

Exercise 2 Jump Rope works your cardiovascular system, calves and is great for agility and balance. If you have no jump rope, you can use a crack in the sidewalk or a stick. Jump at your own pace

Exercise 3 Plank Shoulder Taps works the core, glutes, adductors, back and abs, and the shoulders.

Set up Come into a high plank with your hands directly under your shoulders.  Keep your feet as wide as you need to keep your hips stable.  Tighten your glutes and abdominals.

Move Press one hand into the ground while bringing the opposite hand up to touch the shoulder of the hand that is on the ground.  Place that hand down and then alternate keeping the hips stable

Exercise 4 Pulsing Squat works the glutes, quads, and hamstring.

Set up Keeping your chest lifted, sink into your heels, and bend your knees like you are sitting back in a chair.

Move Hold in the lowered position and pulse up and down.

Exercise 5 Bicycle Crunches works the core.  The goal of this exercise is to keep the hips stable while moving the arms and legs. Move elbow to opposite knee and then alternate under control.  Go at your own pace!  Faster is not better with this exercise.  In fact, slower is more difficult!

Exercise 6 Squat Jacks This is a cardio exercise and works your quads and glutes. 

Set up Start standing straight up arms overhead.  When I teach this to children, I tell them to make a pencil 😊 Move Then jump or step out to a squat and pull your arms down, elbows toward the rib cage.  Then return to the “pencil” and keep moving between the two poses for the entire interval

If you enjoy this workout, please feel free to help my protein shake fund and allow me to keep doing what I do on this blog

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