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A few body weight exercises….

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If you need a few ideas for some things to do at home or at your gym, try one or two of these. I usually work out at home because of the convenience. You do not need a lot of equipment; you really do not need any! Use a sturdy chair and anything that can offer some resistance. Put all these together for a full workout doing as many rounds as you like, or just pick one or two to add to your routine

Workout Stations

~ 3-5 sets of 15-45 sec. intervals ~

  1. Bench Squats with or without a weight
  • Push Ups (Narrow the space between your hands for added


  • Calf Raises at “Stork Station” (Challenge yourself and extend the time of each rep, or alternate using one leg at a time)
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  • Tricep Dips
  • Step Ups (Try lateral step ups as an alternative!)
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  • Side Planks (Add a twist to target the obliques!)
  • Skater Hops (Test your stability and stick the landing! Hold for 2-3 seconds)
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  • In and Out Abs (Glue those knees together and remember to breathe!)

Romanian Single Leg Dead Lift (Remember to keep the chin tucked and alternate between legs!)

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  • Bulgarian Split Squats (Keep your chest high!) with or without a weight
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2 thoughts on “A few body weight exercises….

  1. My daughter and I have included a few of these exercises into our work-out! The first time we tried the twisting side-planks we were horribly uncoordinated and had to laugh at our inability. But the next day we tried it again and it was much easier. Thanks for exercise nudge.

    1. Yes! That’s how it starts. Its called motor learning. You brain has to learn how to control your body. Keep it up!

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