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A challenging gym circuit

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Looking for some upper body, core and cardio exercises for the gym that go beyond simple machines? Do you want a workout that will challenge strength, stability and cardio? Try this one!

How to…

Set a timer for 20-45 seconds, depending on your level of fitness, and do as many reps as you can for that time period. Rest as needed and move to the next exercise. Complete the circuit 2-4 times depending on how you feel and how much time you have. Let me know what you think of the exercises in the comments.

1. Rope slams 0:02 seconds. Getting into an athletic stance, feet ” locked” into the ground, chest lifted, knees slightly bent, firmly grab the ends of the rope. You can lift both arms simultaneously, alternate arms, or mix them up. Be sure to keep your abs tight so your back is supported and use the hips to help lift the ropes. Pull the ropes down hard. Do not just let them drop. This exercise is good for the core, shoulders, and back, and will get your heart rate up too! (added bonus!)

2. I call this one, crab toe touch. 0:17 Seconds. Supporting your body weight on your hands and feet, lift one foot up and reach for it with the opposite hand. The key to keeping your balance is driving the opposite foot into the floor as you lift the other foot. This exercise works shoulder stability and triceps strength as well as the core!

3. One leg balance to Med Ball Slam. 0:36 Seconds. you will need a medicine ball that bounces for this exercise. Start balancing on one foot holding the medicine ball above your head with both hands. As you lunge to the other foot, bending the knee and transferring your weight to the opposite hip, slam the ball down. Catch the ball on the bounce, as you push back to the starting balance position. This exercise works your shoulder, lats, core, hips, and legs, and is good for balance training and cardio!

4. TRX bicep curls. 0:47 Seconds Why do plain ole bicep curls, when you can do them on the TRX? In addition to working the biceps, it helps with core stability. Grab the TRX handles with an underhand grip. Lean back so you are holding your body straight with your arms extended. Bring the handles toward your face, as you lift your body by bending your elbows. Slowly lower down to the start position.

5. TRX triceps presses. 0.;58 Seconds To work your triceps, turn your back to the TRX with the handles in your hands with an overhand grip. Your upper arm will be even with your ears and your elbows will be bent to 90 degrees or a little more, hands behind your head. As you push into the handles, your body will come up toward a standing tall position. What are some of your favorite upper body exercises?

Final Thoughts

It is pretty challenging. I thought I was going to do 4 rounds of 30 seconds for each exercise, but I only ended up getting 3 this time! Gotta start somewhere. Remember, to get your health benefits from exercise, you need a minimum of 150 minutes of cardiovascular activity each week and 2 days of resistance training. This workout will help you reach both of those goals!

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